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Rose Quartz Healing Crystal

Crystals & tumbled stones harness beautiful life energy within them and have been thought to carry strong healing properties. It really depends on your own individual experience with them and how open you are to their healing power. Your intention and conscious willingness to be open to crystal healing will determine how you experience their healing energies. They connect you to the Earth and Universe upon coming into contact them. You can use them with intention for manifestation by calling on them with a purpose in mind. My journey with crystal and stone healing has opened my heart to healing properties such as unconditional love, spiritual connection, and clarity of mind. They've helped me drain energy blockages and have even sparked my eyes open to certain thought-patterns I needed to be more aware of in order to change. I am so thankful to have been opened to and given the opportunity to bring crystal and stone healing into my life.

Rose Quartz Crystal and Tumbled Stone

The Rose Quartz healing crystal was the first crystal I bought for myself in a gift shop while visiting underground caves in Budapest, Hungary. I did not know much about crystals and their healing properties at the time, I had just heard of them and felt really drawn to them. I had heard about the Rose Quartz healing crystal and knew it represented Unconditional Love. It has a lovely pink essence and is a stone of the Heart.

Rose Quartz:

Signifies Unconditional and Universal Love 💗

Harnesses the healing energies of empathy, reconciliation and forgiveness; it is one of the most important stones for healing 🦋

Opens up the Heart Chakra to unconditional love & positive energy. Brings the energies of determination, commitment and caring 💗✨

Filled with comforting and soothing feminine energy, it brings calm, peace, compassion, tenderness, nourishment and healing to your being and soul.

If you have the opportunity to bring crystal and stone healing into your life, I highly recommend you give it a try. You can carry them on you, sit with them quietly and hold them, let them fill you with their energy, place them in your environment, call on them with your intentions, or simply ask them for some loving guidance. It is a beautiful journey to embark on and will bring more loving essence and energy into your life so long as you are open to it.

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